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British BIDs, advised by Independent Financial Advisers PFP Wealth Planning LLP, runs a Group Personal and Stakeholder Pension Plan facility with Zurich Life.

Zurich are treating the British BIDs network as one plan when costing it, but as individual plans when each BID chooses to participate. Therefore providing low overall costs (normally only offered to large employers), with flexibility and confidentiality for each BID.

Zurich offer a very wide range of funds and managers in which to invest and have reduced their lowest cost funds to a simple annual management charge starting from 0.5% of the fund annually – one third of the 1.5% that Stakeholder plans can now charge during their first ten years.

Within the overall plan, each participating BID can set its own level(s) of contributions and all data will be kept confidential to them. Payments are made separately by each BID.

PFP Financial Planning, whose staff have unique knowledge of the BID industry, will help with advice on setting up an individual plan and help with the small number of forms needed. PFP have not charged for the research and reports made in selecting Zurich and have agreed to reduce their normal fees for setting up and running individual BID’s plans to £750 set-up, £100 annually for the plan and helpline, plus £50 annually for each plan member (all plus VAT).

British BIDs receives no income or commission from this pension plan, it is merely operated as a Bb member benefit.

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