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Leadership Network

Our Leadership Network is for premium members and by invitation only and is aimed at BID Chief Executives to enable high-level facilitated dialogues that serve to appropriately position BIDs and to provide lobbying and parliamentary liaison.

Examples of subjects previously covered in the Leadership Network are:

Government Review of BIDs | An Audience with Brandon Lewis MP, High Streets Minister | From the Levy Payer’s Perspective – what to look out for in a ‘good’ BID | Central Procurement Opportunities | Neighbourhood Forums and The Potential Impact on BIDs | The Scope of Loyalty Technology for BIDs | The Advancement of BIDs and should we call it Super BIDs | The Portas Review and Pilots | The Issues and Implications for TBIDs | Localism: What does it mean for BIDs?

Leadership Network members:

Baker Street Quarter Partnership | Bath BID | Hammersmith London BID | Heart of London Business Alliance | Ilford BID | Ipswich Central | Kingstonfirst BID | Leamington BID | Liverpool City Central BID | Newcastle BID | Paddington Waterside Partnership | Plymouth BID | Sunderland BID | Team London Bridge | Victoria BID | Waterloo Quarter Business Alliance

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